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OK WHEW (btw read down to right. the little numbers indicate the order….if you can see them OTL)

Ok. So this is just a little thing for those who have trouble with all that lacy/ruffle business :D I’ve been practicing since middle school and actually never read any guides of anything on how to really get RUFFLE ruffles, which made me sad. Hopefully it’ll be useful to some folks.

(and sorry it’s so messy…..the back pages showed up ;____; )

And yeah I was going to mention this whole thing about skill and personal ambition but basically

don’t try and copy the stuff on here exactly. It’ll mess you up big time. Rather use it as a starting off point/something to help explain it, ok?

Anyways yeah, have fun drawing minna!!

and remember

practice makes everything so much easier

(should I make one of these with other details???)